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This course teaches business owners how to recruit, select and manage advisory board members. 
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  • How to Identify Why You Need an Advisory Board - Utilizing exercises to understand your latent need for help that an advisory board can give you.
  • The Benefits of an Advisory Board - Identifying the skill sets that potential members will bring to the table that you can leverage, and how does being on your board benefit the member.
  • How to Recruit, Select and Engage Board Members - Providing templates, including invitation letters and non-disclosure agreements.
  • How, and What You Need To Manage Board Meetings - Providing examples of board meeting presentation, financial reports and employee org charts.
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“The value of an advisory board is clearly demonstrated in the sales process when, 1) a board member can pick up the phone to help the business owner with closing a deal, and 2) the board member’s expertise contributes directly to a sales presentation or pitch, resulting in a win.”

Doug Wilder
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